Conservatory Prices

Conservatory Prices

What do Conservatories in Ireland cost and what do I need to know about Conservatory prices

Conservatory prices are based on a number of key factors. With consumers now extremely price conscious we have outlined the key items for you to consider: Conservatories are not all the same, here are the key specifications you MUST have in your conservatory, leaving these out to reduce cost will be regretted in the long term.

  1. 70mm frame: Many companies in an effort to reduce prices offer a house window specification in the conservatory. Remember a house window does not need any strength, it does not hold up the house, your conservatory frames however do hold up the house or the roof to be precise. I am not suggesting the conservatory will fall down but it will be more susceptible to movement, particularly during high winds and during snowfalls. You can guess what happens to a structure if it constantly shaken over a period of 10 years…yes you will get cracks and maybe even seals breaking.
  2. Conservatory frames should be fully reinforced. Did you know there is a difference between reinforced and fully reinforced? A reinforced conservatory section has any section over 600mm long reinforced, sections under 600mm there is no reinforcing. A FULLY reinforced conservatory section will have reinforcing throughout the complete framework. There is a significant difference in price! At Conservatory Designs you don’t have to ask, everything is fully reinforced, but don’t just take our word for it, look at the show conservatories, bang the walls and you will see the difference.
  3. The thickness of polycarbonate if this is your choice of roof. There are three main thicknesses available, 3 ply 16mm (rare now except in the real cheapies), 5 ply 25mm (seems to be the industry standard) and 7 ply 35mm which is what we use and recommend, yes it is dearer but there is a significant difference in the insulation values. Our conservatory roof sheeting offers double the insulation of the older traditional double glazed units.
  4. Double glazed units should have a U value of 1.1 as a minimum. Conservatory Designs uses the brand leader in the field: Vista Therm and Irish made.
  5. Proper foundations for the conservatory or Sunroom. Our conservatories are proper home extensions and as such are built using traditional building methods and insulated to modern building standards. There are still contractors who are pouring a concrete slab on the lawn onto which to build a conservatory, this contravenes every building regulation; however will you know if you are at work while this work is going on in your garden. At the end of the day it is all about trust, you cant be there all the time so you need to be able to trust the company you are dealing with 100%.

Last but not least – Pick the Best Fitters

Last but not least remember you can buy the best conservatory on the market but at the end of the day the the quality of the job depends on the calibre of fitters who erect the conservatory. At Conservatory Designs we charge enough to be able to employ the top trades people in the business, people who we have worked with and know for years. Remember also that dirty word profit, every company is in business to make a profit, conservatory companies that make a profit will survive and will be around to honour guarantees and deal with any service issues, those that don’t make a profit will not be around. At Conservatory Designs we have a very lean business model which allows us to offer the top specifications and a very competitive price and still make a profit. This is a win win.