Garden Rooms

A selection of some of our recent Irish garden room projects

Time to enjoy your garden all year around with our new range of garden room conservatories

These conservatory garden rooms offer great flexibility in that they can be positioned anywhere in the garden to take advantage of the sun, a particular view or to enjoy the privacy of a quiet corner

The garden room conservatory is a very simple installation as it does not require any alterations to the main house and in most cases can be installed in a day once the base is in place.

Roof Options

As your garden room is not attached directly to your home, protecting light in the inner rooms is not something we need to consider. Most of the garden rooms we build are glazed with polycarbonate tinted on the outside to reflect the heat and white on the inside to give the effect of a ceiling. This ceiling is less expensive and great at reducing heat and glare and is on display at our showrooms at Johnstown Garden Centre.

Planning Permission

Planning permission is not required once the garden room is under 25sqm.

Garden Room Side Glazing

Even though your garden room conservatory is not attached to the house we still offer the same high level of insulation to keep the room snug. Your new garden room will be glazed with Vista Therm Elite double glazing to the maximum width 28mm.

Colour Finishes

We have a beautiful octagonal free-standing conservatory on display built in Cream outside White inside finish, perfect for fitting into the garden greenery. But the full range of colours is available with the majority of our garden rooms built in a white finish.