Conservatory Refurbishment

For customers who have old conservatories that do not enjoy the fantastic insulating properties of our energy efficient glazing, we offer a conservatory roof replacement service where we can remove your old roof and replace with a new self cleaning glass roof or a solid roof with ceiling and roof lights

Customers should be aware that not all conservatories are suitable to have the roof replaced with a solid roof.

The additional weight will place an additional strain on the window and door frames and, unless these have sufficient reinforcing, problems may arise in the future particularly if the roof sustains a significant fall of snow which will add more weight to the roof.

There has been a huge increase in the number of contractors offering this service to all regardless of whether the conservatory is suitable so please beware.

We carry out a full technical survey of your existing conservatory before quoting to replace the roof. The same applies to even replacing a polycarbonate roof with a glass roof, there is also a significant increase in weight on the frames which may not have been designed for this purpose.

Refurbishment - Brightspace at Conservatories Designs

Complete Roof Replacement

Where the conservatory is over 20 years old we normally recommend a complete replacement.

At this age the draft seals and indeed the double glazed units may start to fail so it is better to consider starting again and build a new conservatory and avail of the fantastic choice of colours and types of insulating glass available on the market.

In these cases it is also advised that the existing conservatory base be removed so that proper insulation can be added to create a warm conservatory floor.

Conservatory Reglazing Service

We also offer a re-glazing service for conservatories where we can keep your existing frames but re-glaze your conservatory with energy efficient glazing to the side frames and Pilkington ‘Blue Activ’ self cleaning glass to the roof.

This will allow you the enjoy the comfortable temperatures our modern conservatories offer.

We can only offer the roof re-glaze option to customers who bought their original roof from us as we had all these roofs tested before the initial installation, if your roof was supplied by another installer then we would have to replace the roof rafters to ensure the structural integrity of the conservatory roof.

Convert Conservatory into Sunroom

Here are the things to consider if you wish to convert your conservatory to a sunroom. While there are many companies offering a quick and easy service, best to take your time and think about the following

  1. Am I happy to lose light into my living rooms inside. Replacing a conservatory roof with a solid ceiling even with roof lights can reduce the light to your inner rooms, please carefully consider if this is a good idea, if not then consider A rated glass in the ceiling, this will ensure plenty of light and a cosy room. If light is a priority and important for you then ask our designer to include as manny roof windwos are possible, 
  2. Are my frames sufficiently strong enough to hold the additional weight. A solid roof is significantly heavier than a conservatory roof, you need to be sure that firstly your frames have sufficient strength and secondly that your foundation is strong enough.
  3. Time should also be taken to consider if the windows should also be replaced at this time, if the windows are more than 20 years old then we may recommend that they are replaced depending on their current condition. Remember if you do not replace the windows and add a new roof then the surgery to replace the windows at a later stage could be very tricky and expensive.

Brightspace are happy to provide a free home survey at any time to inspect your conservatory and offer advice and the best refurbishment options.

Examples of Irish Conservatory Replacements & Refurbishment

Some of Our Recent Conservatory Refurbishments & Roof Conversion Projects

Conversion of a Conservatory Roof to Brown Tile in Templeogue, Co. Dublin

We replaced this conservatory roof with a new slate roof and plastered ceiling. We added 2 roof windows to direct the sunlight to the internal rooms. We added new matching fascia. soffit and gutters.

ext building spec

Replacement of Conservatory roof with new slate roof in Lucan Co. Dublin

This old polycarbonate roof was removed and replaced with tegral roof slates and Fakro roof lights. The interior was finished in a pre finished pine sheeting, The roof was made airtight by the use of spray foam insulation.

Before - Replacement of Conservatory roof with new slate
After - Replacement of Conservatory roof with new slate

Replacement of a conservatory in Portmarnock, Co. Dublin

We were able to replace the conservatory roof and offer new A Rated window frames and a new roof with spray foam insulation in just 5 days to ensure minimum disturbance for our clients.

Before - Replacement of Conservatory with new Sunroom in Westmeath
After - Replacement of Conservatory with new Sunroom in Westmeath

Replacement of Conservatory with new Sunroom in Westmeath

This old conservatory was removed and replace with a new Sunroom with slate to match the house roof. Higher sides were incorporated to allow more light into the kitchen and 6 roof windows were added to the roof to further improve the light.

Before - Replacement of a conservatory - Dublin
After - Replacement of a conservatory - Dublin

Victorian Conservatory Replacement in Killiney, Co. Dublin

This Victorian conservatory in Killiney was over 25 years old, we replaced with a replica using the same base and walls but created simpler lines with the window and roof profiles, the Blue Tinted glass roof looks stunning.

This conservatory was very old and was completely removed including the walls and floor so new insulation could be installed. The result is a very impressive home extension with modern insulation standards.

Before - Victorian Conservatory Replacement in Killiney
Victorian Conservatory - Brightspace - Conservatory Ireland

Replacement of old Conservatory with new Sunroom

This conservatory was very old and was completely removed including the walls and floor so new insulation could be installed. The result is a very impressive home extension with modern insulation standards.

Before - Sunroom in Malahide - Dublin
After - Sunroom in Malahide - Dublin