Sunroom and Conservatory Before & After

Sunroom and Conservatory Before & After Photos

Sometimes if can be difficult for customers to visualise what their new Sunroom or Conservatory will look like on their home, so we have added a few before and after pics here. So whether you are starting with a blank canvas or are replacing an old conservatory it might help to give you some idea of  the type of transformation that is possible.

It’s the next best thing to actually visiting the Sunroom showrooms, but also remember we can create some great “before and after” visuals with our design software also to help you select the best design options.

New-build Sunroom in Maynooth, Co. Kildare

This home was transformed with a new living room. We built a new wall on the left hand side to offer privacy and added a tiled roof with 2 opening roof windows. The window was removed and plastered to create an open plan area. This created a much enlarged living area off the kitchen.


Full Height Glazed Sunroom in Dublin

This home needed an extension to the kitchen and the addition of a new dining room. The floor level was elevated so a full height glazing design was selected, this would allow a full view of the garden without interuption.

We opened up the wall into the kitchen to allow sunshine penetrate back into the original kitchen creating a huge open space dining area bathed in sunshine.

New-Build Sunroom Dublin

This property had a single storey to the rear and therefore height was restricted. A hip roof sunroom design was selected. The room would cover both the window and the doors on the house so roof windows were added to encourage light back into the living area. Chartwell green frames were selected to match the house.


Replace Old Conservatory With New Sunroom Dublin

This conservatory was tired, over 30 years old and single glazed. We replaced it with a modern and very cosy Sunroom, increasing the old footprint size and of course upgrading the heating and insulation. A glass gable front was added for maximium light.

O Sullivan
sullivan foxrock2

Replacement Conservatory, Dublin

This timber conservatory built to the side of this Dublin home was now starting to rot. We built an exact replica to match the old conservatory and remain in character with the house. The new conservatory benefited from high performance glazing making it warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

B4 copy
Victorian conservatory 6

Conservatory Replaced With Sunroom, Foxrock, Co. Dublin

This conservatory had been badly fitted, poorly insulated and was unsuitable as a living room. We retained the brick walls and built a new insulated Sunroom to the same shape. The window design was changed to allow more light in and roof windows were added to allow more light. The new Sunroom is now usable 12 months of the year as a living area and home office.

Edwardian Conservatory in Dublin 7

This old period home was in need of a makeover and we created this fantastic kitchen extension and dining area in one. The green colour allows it to blend into the property and create a very subtle but stunning extension.

Dining Room Before - Case Study - Brightspace
After - Edwardian Conservatory in Dublin 7

Sunroom in Malahide, Dublin

This very old conservatory was replaced with a beautiful Sunroom with natural slate roof. The light was maximised through the use of 5 Velux roof lights, tall side framing and white frames.

Before - Sunroom in Malahide - Dublin
After - Sunroom in Malahide - Dublin