Victorian Conservatories

The Victorian Conservatory has the traditional bay effect to the front creating a rounded effect with decorative roof

The shape can be a useful design for arranging furniture to create a cosy room effect while the shape outside creates soft curves in the garden and be very useful for small gardens where some of the other designs may use up too much valuable outdoor space. When considering a Victorian shape for a semi-detached home please remember that the bay of the conservatory can not return to the party line without planning permission as it is technically facing the neighboring property.

Victorian Conservatories & Planning Permission

Planning permission is not required for a Victorian Conservatory once the following rules are complied with:

  • The conservatory is built to the rear of the property
  • The conservatory is under 40sqm
  • All extensions to the original size of the home regardless of previous planning permissions and including the new conservatory does not exceed 40 sqm
  • The conservatory is built on ground level
  • No glass is positioned facing the boundary within one metre
  • Conservatory Designs can take care of all your planning permission requirements should you require it to include preparing the drawings, file submission and all associated paperwork. Please ask for more details

Victorian Conservatory Side Glazing

All our Victorian Conservatories are glazed with energy efficient glass units with Argon gas filling for maximum thermal efficiency. This glass offers excellent insulation for cold winters days and a single radiator will easily heat a modern conservatory with ease. Our showroom has a working hot lamp box where we can demonstrate the different insulation values of different double glazed units. Watch the video below to see our double glazed units being manufactured.

Victorian Conservatory Roof Options

Most of our Victorian Conservatories are glazed with pilkington Activ Blue double glazed units, this glass has a self cleaning exterior surface which when water is combined with sunlight creates a surface which does not allow dirt to stick to the roof. The blue tint creates a fantastic blue hue to any skyline creating a beautiful ambience inside. The Blue tint makes the roof comfortable on a sunny day by reflecting out the brightest of sun rays while in winter the argon filled energy efficient glass units create a warm and cosy feel for all seasons. This glass offers insulation values 2.5 times that of normal double glazing, we advise to come and see for yourself, our showrooms are open all year around and you can call and experience the cosy temperatures all year around.

We also offer this glass in a grey and clear tint however we recommend the blue tint. For customers who prefer protection from the sun we offer the option of a polycarbonate roof in a range of colours, clear, opal, bronze and bronze outside opal inside. This seven ply roof is on display at our showroom and offers excellent insulation values however it can be a bit noisy on a rainy day.

Victorian Conservatory Colour Finishes

The Victorian range is available in a full suite of colours, we have cream, white, grey and brown on display at our showrooms.