Dining Room

Dining Room

The dining room table needs to grow as the family grows and much of our work involves creating new dining space as an extension of the kitchen or as a separate room depending on the clients requirements. Light is key here as it is essential to maintain as much of the natural light to the kitchen area as this is the most used room in the house. Brightspace dining rooms can use a solid roof, or for spring, summer and autumn use a glass roof which will maximise the natural light.


Add an open plan dining room to a dark and small kitchen to create a bright and open plan living area.


This was an old home which had different floor levels. Our brief was to cover  both the existing kitchen window and the back door, but there was a 600mm difference between the floor levels.

The client wanted the dining area of the conservatory to be at the same level as the kitchen and did not want to block up the back door as this would have rendered the hallway inside very dark.

This conservatory was also adjoining a neighboring property so we would have to incorporate a solid wall to one side. The exhaust flue from the boiler was also in the dining room area and would have to be relocated.


The main focus of the build was to maximise the light going into both the new conservatory and the kitchen. We removed the kitchen window and widened the opening to create an open plan. The floor of the new dining room conservatory was raised to the inside kitchen floor. We removed the old back door and replaced it with a a white window which allowed as much light as the original door to penetrate into the hallway. An access door from the hall to the kitchen allow traffic from the rear hallway to then access the garden through large sliding doors in the conservatory. An old brick wall was built adjoining the neighbouring property to comply with building regulations and to keep the structure sympathetic to the neighbouring properties.

The result is a fantastic bright open plan kitchen dining room conservatory, this room is the most used room in the house while the kitchen once dark and very confined is a bright and welcoming space. The dining room is expansive with comfortable space for six people at the table

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