New Build Sunroom Home Office

New Build Sunroom Home Office

If like many you have been working from home for some months and now wish to make this a permanent arrangement then building a new home office is probably high on the agenda.

There are two options for home office, build onto your home or build a separate room in the garden. There are pros and cons for both options. While the stand alone office may offer more privacy it is then just an office and disconnected from your home. Adding more space to your home which can be used as an office may make more sense and add more value.

Firstly your home will now be bigger, there is always demand for space in the home but not always a demand for an office in your garden, so a new Sunroom office may be a good investment. You might not always be working so the sunroom is easily converted back to an integral living space in the home.


Build a new open plan Sunroom space to the rear of the house that can be used as an office during the day and a living room in the evening and at weekends.


This was a straightforward project. The room must be bright, warm and be used as both an office and as a sunroom.


The sunroom room was extended across the entire back of the house. Central heating with two radiators was added. The floor and walls had 100mm of insulation and the Sunroom ceiling had spray foam insulation to ensure airtightness.

The clients opted to leave the room open plan to create a more spacious feel, there were no children living at home so there was no need to create a separate room or concerns about sound insulation.

Solid walls were built on both sides to create a more cosy effect while the desk was designed to face out to the garden and was positioned near but not under the roof light so plenty of light and no glare.