TV Room

TV Room

Everyone has their own favourite TV shows and what better way to keep the peace in the home than to create a separate Brightspace TV room for different tastes, great for watching the match while the soaps are on in the sitting room or for letting the teenagers turn the volume up and have their friends around. We can offer great advice on designing your TV room, what roof to choose, what way should your TV should face, where to position the electrical points and what is the best type of lighting. Let our design team create the perfect getaway room in your home.


Remove old Conservatory and replace with a new Sunroom that could be used as a TV Room.


The existing conservatory while structurally sound had been badly built and constructed off square and out of line, the client had a preference for keeping the existing base and floor and replacing the new room on this existing foundation. The other key outcome for the client was that the room should function as a TV room in all weathers while not impeding the light to the inside rooms of the house.


Once the full technical survey of the existing conservatory was carried out it became obvious that the existing base was going to be unsuitable as a platform on which to build the new TV room.

The old conservatory had a bay effect to the front but these walls were built adhoc so that each bay was at a different angle and different length to the next, while it was possible to remake a replica sunroom to suit this it would have resulted in a less than perfect new room with an array of different size windows and no symmetry.

We also highlighted to the client that with such poor work on the original base it was more than likely that the insulation in the existing conservatory floor would be substandard or worse may not even be present. Building a new well insulated TV room on a poorly insulated floor would result in the new sunroom being colder than would be expected.

It was decided that the the entire existing structure would be replaced. This then allowed for a change of shape which created a lot of extra space without compromising the garden, the new rectangular shape of the sunroom would also benefit the layout of the proposed furniture. A set of plans were prepared and signed off by the client.

The entire build took four weeks which included a new window for the kitchen which was glazed with our ULTRAWARM GLAZING as the existing window was both cold and draughty.

We installed four Fakro roof windows in the roof which gave great light back into the inside rooms in the house, these were fitted with blinds to allow the room to be used as a TV room on a sunny day. We advised to retain the white frame colour of the windows to reflect light back inside. The client advises that the room inside is no darker than the original conservatory which had blinds on the ceiling.