For most family homes life revolves around the kitchen, chats over cups of coffee, evening dinner, homework at the kitchen table, Christmas dinners and birthday cakes. The kitchen can never be too big especially as the family grows and gets bigger.

Brightspace kitchen extension solutions fall into two general categories where we can either simply make the kitchen bigger by adding more Brightspace to it and removing the doors and windows from the back wall, extending the kitchen into the back garden or , we can create a new dining room, separate from the kitchen, leaving a bigger open plan kitchen space.


To change the small kitchen from an area just suitable for preparing meals to a large and bright living and dining room, a new space where all the family could congregate together in the one area.


This project was a straightforward kitchen extension, the only challenge being the budget, which was tight and did not allow for changing the existing kitchen presses. We designed a new Sunroom kitchen extension which would offer all year around use in all seasons as it would be open plan to create a better sense of space.

As the existing kitchen was to remain in place we opted to leave the kitchen sink in situ, remove the kitchen window and the client would source matching worktop for the counter replacing where the window was situated. The existing patio doors to the garden would be removed to create an open walk way connecting both rooms and to maximise the light.


The work took a total of four weeks. The room was completed and weathered with no interference to the family in the first three weeks, the final week involved removing the door, and window, plastering the interior and completing the heating and electrics. The waste pipes from the sink and washing machine had to be moved to the side of the property along with gully and drains. An extractor fan was added to the gable end wall for ventilation over the cooker. Two roof windows were added close to the back wall to allow natural light filter from the sunroom roof back into the kitchen.

The open window area at the sink and the open plan doorway allowed a natural flow between the two rooms. The client extended the kitchen floor throughout the sunroom and added a granite surface to the window opening. The new space allowed for a dining table and a sofa to be added, this allows the room to be used both for dining and relaxing.

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