Edwardian Conservatories

Some of Our Recent Edwardian Conservatory Designs & Projects

The Edwardian conservatory looks similar to the Victorian Conservatory except it has a rectangular design. This square fronted corners allow maximum room for furniture.

We also build a variant of this design called a bay Edwardian conservatory, these are very popular for semidetached homes. the square corner is positioned against the boundary line while the bay creates a rounded effect to blend into the garden better. The roof can be easily adapted to use a box gutter to allow the conservatory fit onto a bungalow roof.

Edwardian Conservatories Planning Permission

Planning permission is not required for an Edwardian conservatory subject to a few rules.

  • It must be positioned to the rear of the house
  • No glass must be positioned within a meter of the boundary wall
  • The Edwardian conservatory must measure less than 40 sq meters internally
  • If an extension has already been added to your home the combined floor area must not exceed 40 sq meters

Side Glazing

Our Energy efficient glass used in the Edwardian Conservatories ensures a snug room for all seasons. Old conservatories have a bad name for their temperature extremes, but now with solar reflective glass you can be sure of even temperatures all year around.

For more information of out glazing systems feel free to give our information desk a call on 045 844 002.

Roof Options

Our Edwardian conservatory range is available with a range of roof glazing options. The most popular option is to use Pilkington Blue Activ glass, this creates a very nice ambience and adds a bit of blue to the sky when looking out though it. The roof has a self cleaning surface which ensures that your roof looks fresh in all seasons. The self cleaning surface does not keep the glass completely spotless but from a distance it looks very clean and every shower of rain removes any new dirt that may try to lodge on the roof.

Colour Finishes

The Edwardian range is available in a full suite of colours, we have cream, white and grey on display at our showrooms.