Bespoke Conservatories

Irish Bespoke Conservatories

Our design centre at Conservatory Designs head office at Johnstown Garden centre will create any size or shape conservatory you require.

All we need is a photo of your home and some general information and what requirements you have, we will then create a bespoke design to exactly suit your home, taste and budget. View our gallery to see some of the fantastic conservatories we have created for clients homes throughout Ireland.

Bespoke Consevatory Side Glazing

Our bespoke range of conservatories are all glazed with Pilkington energy efficient glazing to ensure warmth throughout the winter. This glass reflects heat back into the room and is twice as effective as normal double glazing at retaining the heat. We welcome our customers to our showrooms throughout the year to experience how pleasant our conservatories are even on the coldest days of winter.

Bespoke Consevatories Roof Options

We offer a range of polycarbonate and glass roof options for our bespoke range of conservatories. Glass is the more popular however in much larger projects where structural issues such as weight loading come into play we also offer polycarbonate roofs which are much light and a cheaper alternative but will maintain the heat during the winter months.

Bespoke Conservatories Planning Permission

Your new bespoke conservatory should not require planning if positioned to the rear of the property however check that that there are no other additions to the house as you are only allowed to add 40 sqm to your original home size, once you exceed 40sqm everything other building will require planning permission. There are other rules regarding heights that our design team can advise you on during the conservatory design process. Make sure if your conservatory is going to be within 1m of the boundary wall that this elevation is solid not glass.

Bespoke Conservatories Colour Finishes

We offer our bespoke range in the full suite of colours, white, cream, grey, black, oak, rosewood etc, just ask our design team for advice choosing your colour.