Lean to Conservatories

Some of Our Recent Lean to Conservatory Designs & Projects

For those looking for the simple and clean look, the lean to conservatory is probably the perfect option. Traditionally the choice for low-eaved bungalows the lean-to conservatories now tend to have a higher pitched roof which better suits the two storey home.

There are many variants which include putting hipped ends and creating curved bays at each end. We have a fantastic 20 sqm lean-to conservatory built at our showrooms in a cream colour.

Side Glazing

All our conservatories use Vista Therm Elite glazing which ensures that the room is warm through all seasons. This revolutionary glass reflects the heat back into the room. This glass is over 2.5 times more energy efficient than normal double glazing and ensures that you get value from your new lean to conservatory as you will be able to use all year around.

Planning Permission

Planning permission is not required for a lean-to conservatory in most circumstances once it is positioned to the rear of the property, however there are certain rules which come into play. The lean-to must not exceed 40 sqm when measured inside, or if you have already added to your home the combined area must not exceed the 40 sqm. You must be careful also not have glass in the side of the lean-to within 1m of the boundary fence, if this is an issue you will need to redesign the room and replace the glazed side with a solid wall. For further information on planning permission for lean-to conservatories please contact our design team at 045 844 002.

Roof Options

Our lean-to range of conservatories is offered with a choice of roof materials. We can offer a solid option with roof lights however the pitch must be at least 17 degrees so this can be a problem sometimes with upstairs windows. The most popular option is to use Pilkington Activ Blue glass in the roof, this creates an even temperature throughout the year while maintaining light to the inside of the house.

Colour Finishes

Our lean-to range of conservatories is available in all colours, the most popular option is white and cream but we have a fine example of cream on our display site.