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Extending Your Kitchen - Don’t forget these 5 things

Extending your Kitchen… Don’t forget these five things

Brightspace at Conservatory Designs specialise in extending kitchens using either conservatories or sunrooms. With hundreds of Kitchen extensions completed here are the five things to remember when planning your new kitchen Ventilation is key: Your existing kitchen will have a window to the back garden, if you are covering this you need to be careful […]

Creating a New Dining Room - Conservatory or Sunroom

Creating a new Dining Room – Conservatory or Sunroom

Conservatories and Sunrooms offer very different propositions if thinking of adding a new dining room to your home. Both can very very successful if carefully designed and planned. First things first, what is the difference? A conservatory dining room will offer fantastic light and heat and an “al fresco” atmosphere during most months of the […]

Adding a TV Room to your Home

Adding a TV Room to your home

Thinking of adding a new TV ROOM to your home, here are the important things you may not have thought of: Adding any extension involves careful consideration on how the natural light to the inside rooms will be affected. The most common solution is to add sufficient roof windows to the ceiling of the TV […]

Planning a Conservatory or Sunroom

Planning a Conservatory or Sunroom 20 key things to consider

Peter Clarke has been measuring and surveying sites since 1988 and has overseen the construction of more than 4,000 Conservatories and Sunrooms. In this article Peter outlines the key things he investigates before signing off on an order. Measure twice and cut once There is a wise old saying, “measure twice and cut once” and […]

Top Tips for your Sunroom or Conservatory Floor

Top Tips for Your Sunroom or Conservatory Floor

Once your conservatory has been completed it is natural to want to get things tided up and finished as soon as possible but the first thing to be aware of is that the room must dry out properly before you lay any floors or start decorating. Conservatory Designs always lay concrete floors and these must […]

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