Conservatories: Useful Tips When Building A Conservatory Or Sunroom

Conservatories: Useful Tips When Building A Conservatory Or Sunroom

Useful tips when building A Conservatory Or Sunroom by

In this post we look at some of the key considerations when positioning the Conservatory or Sunroom doors. At Conservatory Designs we recommend you consider the following issues before deciding on the best location for the doors.

a)Conservatory doors are glazed fully to the floor and as such, direct your attention when you enter the room. Position the doors facing the longest point of the garden if possible, this gives the effect that the garden is bigger than it actually is.

b)Try to have the doors facing a feature in the garden, something that is easy on the eye rather than say a wall. Remember your first focus of attention will be through the doors.

c)The location of the conservatory doors will also affect the layout of the furniture and this can be important if the room is not particularly large. Do you need to keep a long wall for a couch, if so then maybe position the doors to the front of the conservatory? Remember if you are putting a T.V. into the conservatory or sunroom then the back of the TV should face the sun so not to have glare on the screen, will this affect the location of both the furniture and the doors?

d)It is also advisable to try to have the shortest distance from the house to the garden, this will ensure the minimum amount of floor space is wasted and also minimise traffic through the room.

e)If using French doors then consider the direction of the wind, if the doors face into the wind, then make sure that the leading door opens against the wind not with it. This will ensure that if there is a gust of wind that the door will be closed by the wind not opened where it might get damaged.

f)If considering new doors from the house into the Conservatory or Sunroom the remember to fit the doors to the outside of the reveal so that they can fold back onto the house wall 180 degrees and use up valuable floor space. Doors fitted to the middle of an opening can only open 90 degrees which will obstruct furniture and usable space when left opened.

If you need any advice when designing your new Conservatory or Sunroom then contact our office at 045 844002.