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Sunrooms Dublin

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Sunrooms Dublin

Sunrooms Dublin by Conservatory Designs

The Sunroom range at Conservatory Designs is about to undergo a revolutionary change for 2013 with the launch of a new range of Ultrawarm sunroom models. To date the big gripe with sunrooms has been the `loss of light to the interior rooms of the house as the roof blocks the path of the natural light into the house. The new range of sunrooms will incorporate glazed atriums to the ridge of the sunroom roof allowing the light penetrate throughout the length of the complete room. We will also be offering glazed sections next to the wall of the house to allow natural light in your existing doors and windows. These products will revolutionise the building of of home extensions in Ireland and Conservatory Designs are delighted to be at the forefront of the design and evolution of this exciting new product launch.

Our existing range of sunrooms can incorporate light weight steel tile roofing which minimise the need for large structural steel columns and maximises the amount of glazing which can be incorporated in the sides of the sunroom. We also offer the traditional build using steel frame and then concrete roof tile or slate to match the roof of the main houselmost all of our conservatory designs can incorporate a tiled or slated roof. We also offer a replacement sunroom roofing system for clients who wish to upgrade their old conservatories which do not have sufficient insulation standards, we can remove your exisiting roof and replace with a new roof and ceiling in under 5 days.

Side Glazing in Sunrooms

Conservatories Designs use Energy efficient glazing in all their sunroom projects.  This glazing will:

  • Eliminate heat loss in the cool months
  • Help cut energy costs
  • Make your Sunroom more comfortable during winter

This glass is the latest and most revolutionary development in low emissivity glass with a U value of 1.1m/m2k. Heat generated within the sunroom is reflected internally back into the room while cold from the outside is reflected back out while retaining 100% of the light transmission.

Sunroom Roof

Our Sunrooms are available with a choice of plastered ceiling or timber sheeted ceilings however the timber sheeted ceiling can substantially reduce the light to the main house so care is needed.

Here is a video of some of our recent installations



Converting An Old Conservatory To A Sunroom

Much of our Sunroom work now includes converting old Conservatories to Sunrooms. Many of the old Conservatories did not enjoy the benefits of the modern glazing systems now available and suffered from temperature extremes. The modern conservatories now longer have this problem but for many who are upgrading their old conservatory a new Sunroom may be the answer. The photos below show a recent upgrade from a conservatory to a Sunroom. The existing base walls were kept but the eave height was increased substantially to improve the light internally

Conservatory Designs - Conservatory Refurbishment - Tyrell Before

The new roof was slated to match the existing roof on the house and six Velux roof lights were added to increase the light to the kitchen inside. The house has been transformed with this new extension

 Conservatory Designs - Conservatory Refurbishment - Tyrell After

Methods of building Sunrooms /Solid roof conservatories

At Conservatory Designs Ltd. we use two principles methods for constructing sunrooms . The first is more like a solid roof conservatory with the main structure consisting of the Upvc windows, just like a conservatory with a steel superstructure of 100mm by 100mm box steel to carry the weight of the concrete tiles or slates. This method maximises the amount of light in the sunrooms and into the interior room of the house.

Alternatively we can build the sunroom using the “traditional build” method which is to build the structure using a traditional block walls but with a large amount of openings in the wall for windows. This gives the effect of a bright room rather than a conservatory. It is worth noting that while we can make the sunroom as bright as possible it often darkens down the room, over which the Sunroom is constructed, significantly. While this can be mitigated using Velux roof lights it will not fully compensate for the loss of light. Anyone considering a sunroom should expect the need the additional lighting inside during the winter months.


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