Sunroom Prices

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Sunroom Prices

The most common question we get asked is how much do your sunrooms cost per square metre/foot. We try not to be vague when answering but here are the key things you must know about sunroom prices in Dublin.

  1. It is not practical to price these jobs per square metre and there are many reasons, just consider some of them. a 12 sqm sunroom and a 9 sqm metre sunroom will both have the same amount of plumbing work and electrical, both should have a radiator, several sockets and lights, the 12sqm sunroom is a third bigger but it won’t have 1 and 1/3 radiators.

  2. Many costs will remain the same for both sizes, the skip may not be as full for the 9 sqm sunroom but it will be charge the same. If both sunrooms are the same width then both will require the same work and lead to make the connection to the house wall watertight., why should one cost more?

  3. The cost will depend on the standard of insulation in the floor, but nobody  mentions this so what if different companies are specifying differently?

  4. The type of roofing will have a huge impact on the cost of the room, Ultrawarm roofing is the cheapest, followed by concrete tile roof followed by slate.

  5. The number of Velux is dictated by the shape and size of the roof and the light requirements for the house interior, the more Velux then the higher the cost.

  6. The access from the house may already be there in the form of a back door or patio door, or may require a window and wall to be removed to create an opening, or in some cases may require a full knock through and RSJ to be installed. This jobs all cost different amounts to complete

So to calculate the real cost of your new sunroom in Dublin you need to do the following

  1. Visit a showroom and decide on the correct size and design

  2. Make an appointment with a qualified surveyor who will know which sunroom is best for your home

  3. Create a list of the specifications you require

  4. Invite tenders and compare prices but remember there is a value to having peace of mind with who you employ, go with your gut feeling and hire someone you can trust.

For further information on sunrooms and conservatories visit or phone 045 844002 and speal to Mark Quinn our senior designer.