Ultrawarm Window Glazing

Some of Our Recent Ultrawarm Window Glazing Projects

Ultrawarm Glazing is a specialised division of Brightspace focused on replacing inefficient glazing in existing PVC windows and replacing with Energy Efficient double glazing resulting in a warmer house, reduced heating bills and better energy ratings for your home.

The process is quick, efficient and non-disruptive with most home completed in one day. We keep your existing window frames and just change the glass so there is no redecorating, no re-tiling, no changing alarms.

Pilkington Optitherm

So how does it work and how can replacing double glazing with new double glazing be any more energy efficient? The answer is in the glazing technology. Pilkington Optitherm S1 glass has a microscopically thin transparent coating which reflects the heat back into the room, better still it is invisible. We have set up a demonstration unit at our showrooms where you can see the various types of glass and how they react when placed over an infrared heat lamp, you will be amazed with the difference, the normal double glazed unit will get instantly hot once placed over a heat source as the heat moves through it while the Ultrawarm glass unit will remain cold as the heat is blocked from moving through the glass unit.

Warm Edge technology

The Ultrawarm Pilkington glass units also benefit from what is called “warm edge” technology. If you examine your existing double glazed unit you should be able to see the silver bar separating the the 2 panes of glass in the window, this is an aluminum bar which due to its nature conducts heat, the new Ultrawarm units do not have these and instead are separated with warm edge spacer bars which prevent what is called “cold bridging” at the glass edges, resulting in incredible energy efficiency with your new units.

Aluminium Windows

We do not reglaze old aluminium windows as these frames are poor insulators and generally suffer from a lot of condensation due to the cold nature of the aluminium frame, replacing the glass in these windows will not solve the condensation problem and it is likely that you will need to replace these frames in time so in these instances we would advise changing the entire windows frame and we are happy to quote you for this work.

Timber Windows

We also do not re-glaze existing timber windows. Timber windows generally do not have a deep enough recess to accept 28mm double glazing, while you could consider having these frames routed and re-beaded with new timber slips, the result can often be less than satisfactory as the new slips will not match the existing wood stain and paint, and also you need to consider what damage the machining of your windows will do to existing sealants etc.

PVC Windows

The best candidates for reglazing are existing PVC windows which just have poor performing double glazed units, these windows can be converted with Ultrawarm Energy Efficient glass quickly and cost effectively and you will see the difference instantly.

So Are There Any Catches?

There are no catches however there are some windows which may not be suitable for upgrading with Ultrawarm glazing. Our technical team will carry out an inspection of your existing frames to make sure they are suitable.