Ultrawarm Skylights

Ultrawarm Skylights, the perfect solution for a new build extension, a new Orangery or can be inserted into an existing flat roof to add light and a feeling of space to your home.

Installed in less than a day and perfectly engineered we have designed the Ultrawarm Skylight from scratch, minimising the number of roof sections required and maximising the glass area. Every detail of the roof has been carefully engineered creating a perfect finish internally and externally.

Reasons to Choose Ultrawarm Roof Lights

  1. Designed as a Skylight with a reduced number of glazing bars and increased glass area to maximise the light
  2. Glazed with Pilkington “Self Cleaning” Active Blue glass, this glass will significantly reduce the amount of cleaning required while the blue tint will reduce unwanted glare
  3. Available in White, Grey or Black with a white finish internally
  4. Available made to order from 1m by 1.5m up to 2m by 4m
  5. Maximum insulation with our 1.1 U value glazing giving a typical U value for the unit of 1.4

Technical Details

Prior to us fitting your new Ultrawarm Skylight we will require a raised timber kerb flashed to the main roof. The dimensions we provide will be external timber kerb. We recommend this kerb to be 70mm wide and 150mm high.Our roof rafters will then overhang this kerb by 90mm.The weather-proofing of the roof should extend over the top of the timber kerb.

The Ultrawarm Skylight is suitable for roof lanterns from 1500mm by 1000mm to 2000mm by 4000mm external sizes.
The thermal performance has been optimised to make it suitable for extensions in domestic properties. Typical U value with 1.1 glass for a 1000mm wide x 2000mm long rooflight is 1.4 W/m2K. The units are glazed with 24mm double glazed units as standard.

Ultrawarm Skylights - Detail of skylight attachment to flat roof

Detail of skylight attachment to flat roof

Ultrawarm Skylights - Roof covering membrane

Roof covering membrane to finish and cover the top of kerb for skylight.