Planning Permission for Conservatories and Sunrooms

Planning Permission for Conservatories and Sunrooms

Getting planning permission in Ireland can sometimes but a long and drawn out process but conservatories and sunrooms built in Ireland do not generally need planning permission, subject to some conditions which we are highlighting below for you now. The fact that it is relatively easy to get planning permission for conservatories and sunrooms has led to an increase in demand.

Planning Permission for Conservatories and Sunrooms Not Needed when:

  1. The conservatory or Sunroom must be located to the rear of the property and be at ground level. Conservatories on a balcony or first floor for example on a flat roof would need planning permission.
  2. The room cannot have glass facing your neighbour’s property within one metre of the boundary. This can be easily solved by building a solid wall against the boundary and then using glass for the rest of the building.
  3. When the room is complete you must have at least 25sqm of garden remaining. This is to ensure sufficient open space for the property. If you intend to build a sunroom which will leave less than 25sqm then it is still possible but the project must go through the planning process for appraisal.

Planning Permission for Conservatories & Sunrooms Needed When:

  • Properties which are on a leasehold, whereby the gardens and communal areas are held within a management company are a trickier item. This applies to apartments and high-density multistory properties. In this scenario there is a requirement for planning permission but also approval for permission from the management company. This has reared its head again recently where our client thought they owned their garden, however there was a property above their property in a high rise development. Again the garden was held on a leasehold and the management company refuses permission.
  • Specific clauses the property deeds: Some housing developments when granted permission ha specific restrictions placed on the deeds of the property requiring planning permission for any extensions placed to the rear of the property. This is uncommon but we have had several cases and it always comes to a head if the property is to be resold.

Planning Permission for Conservatories and Sunrooms

Conservatory Designs are happy to advise on planning permissions at any time but always advise our clients to consult with their solicitor before proceeding with an extension to their property. We are also happy to recommend Derek Whyte Design and Planning to prepare and submit a planning permission for a new Conservatory or Sunroom. You can also find more information about planning permission for conservatories and sunrooms. If you want any more information about planning permission for conservatories and sunrooms then contact us online or call us now on 045-844002.

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