Old Conservatory Renovations – What You Should Watch For

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Old Conservatory Renovations – What You Should Watch For

Conservatory Designs are the industry leaders for old conservatory renovations. We have one crew full time replacing and renovating old conservatories so we have learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. While most people just expect that we arrive remove the old glass and fit the new windows, there is a little more to the renovation process so we thought we would share some of the key issues you should watch out for when renovating an old conservatory.

Old Conservatory Renovations – What You Should Watch For

1) Conservatory Renovations – Check Floor Levels

Before investing in new conservatory frames and roof you need to be sure that the existing conservatory walls and floors are of sound construction. The most common issue that can crop is that the existing walls may have been built off level in the first place. Off level walls means off level windows and roof, this in turn places significant stress on the window frames and the on the double glazing which often can be the reason that the conservatory has to be replaced; cracked frames, fogged up double glazed units etc. So priority number one is to have the base checked out for level. If it is off level then seek expert advice as to whether the conservatory base can be adjusted or whether it has to be knocked and rebuilt as this would add significant expense

2) Conservatory Renovations – Check Floor Insulation

Your new conservatory, if chosen correctly, will have the most up to date energy efficient glass and A rated window frames, however if the floor and walls are not properly insulated then you could lose significant heat through the old fabric. It can a difficult one to check without actually drilling holes etc but it is one to watch out for as it can have a big impact on the success of your conservatory renovation.

3) Conservatory Renovations – Check for Damp

Check if there are any signs of damp on the floor or walls. Older bases may not have had the appropriate damp proof membranes installed at the time of construction, damp will show up as staining on the walls, fungal growth or in some cases visible wet patches on the walls. Our surveyors carry damp meters and can check this for you during a site inspection

4) Conservatory Renovations – Check for Gully Traps

Check and make sure that no gully traps or manholes have been left in or under the existing floor. This may have been acceptable practice 20 years ago but would be seen as blatant breaches of current building regulations. If this is the case then the floor must be lifted and the pipes moved before building a new conservatory. Remember a properly built conservatory or sunroom complying with current building regulations will add significantly to the value of the your home, a poorly non compliant room is a liability to any home.

Old Conservatory Renovations – What You Should Watch For

The above four items are the four most common issues we see when renovating conservatories. If you’ve any questions about a conservatory of yours that needs a renovation then get in touch with Conservatory Designs as we have years of experience and as well always like to say, best to get it right – the first time! Give us a call on 045 844002 or contact us online.