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Conservatory Prices

What do Conservatories in Ireland cost and what do I need to know about Conservatory prices Conservatory prices are based on a number of key factors. With consumers now extremely price conscious we have outlined the key items for you to consider: Conservatories are not all the same, here are the key specifications you MUST […]

Should I have Polycarbonate or Glass in my conservatory roof?

Conservatories what glazing to use   This is probably the most common question we are asked and a very valid one at that. The answer unfortunately is not so straight forward. Here are the most important aspects to consider; If you are overlooked then polycarbonate should be considered, it will offer complete privacy from overlooking […]

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Sunrooms Dublin

Sunrooms Dublin by Conservatory Designs The Sunroom range at Conservatory Designs is about to undergo a revolutionary change for 2013 with the launch of a new range of Ultrawarm sunroom models. To date the big gripe with sunrooms has been the `loss of light to the interior rooms of the house as the roof blocks […]

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