How To Add A Conservatory To A Bungalow

How To Add A Conservatory To A Bungalow

Adding a Conservatory to a Bungalow by Conservatory Designs

When considering adding a conservatory to a bungalow there are a couple of design issues which must be considered. If the conservatory is to be added to the gable end then there should be adequate height to accommodate the roof of the conservatory, assuming that the roof is not hipped on all sides. The gable end basically allows all designs to be considered but if possible the pitch of the house roof should be measured and the conservatory made to the same pitch to allow it to match the house. The same applies to Sunrooms.

When adding onto the low section of the bungalow there are height restrictions which must be considered. The normal height of an eave is 8ft, this is too low to fit a roof even a lean-to conservatory unless you are happy to have a very low pitch on the roof.

There are two options to deal with this, the first is to construct a false gable in the house roof, this is basically the construction of a dormer style roof to facilitate the height of the conservatory roof, it should be constructed to match the conservatory roof pitch which would normally be 25 degrees. This may seem like a big task but can normally be completed in about two days with a competent crew of carpenters.


The second option is to attach the conservatory or sunroom using a box-gutter. The conservatory roof is hipped back down to the eave level of the house. The box-gutter can be attached to the eave or to the wall of the house below the eave depending of the roof design of the house and the distance between the top of the windows and the soffit of the house. The depth of the soffit will also have to be factored in when designing the roof. This is a job which should only be taken on by competent professionals who can measure and design the project to allow for cleaning of gutters and more importantly make sure that the conservatory or sunroom complements the house.


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