Home Improvement Tax Incentive Scheme For Conservatories and Sunrooms 2017

Home Improvement Tax Incentive Scheme For Conservatories and Sunrooms 2017

Last years budget brought the welcome news of an extension to  the tax rebate for home-owners adding a conservatory, sunroom or new windows and doors to their home. So how does it work?

Basically the homeowner will rewarded for having the work carried out at their principle residence in the form of a tax credit for the amount of the V.A.T they have paid. There is an upper limit of €30,000 of eligible work or €4050 V.A.T.

To qualify there are a few simple rules

  1. The work must be carried our before the end of 2018
  2. The relief only applies to work qualifying for 13.5% V.A.T., all of our work qualifies here.
  3. The contractor must be tax compliant, we are fully compliant will provide you with a copy of our Tax Clearance Certificate.
  4. The contractor must be registered for VA.T., we are.
  5. You must have paid your local property tax.

How do you claim your tax credits

The system is administered online at ros.ie and here are the documents and the information you will require

  1. Retain your invoice and receipt for payment
  2. Retain a copy of your contractors tax clearance certificate or in the absence of that, a Notice of Determination of RCT Rate of tax of zero of 20%
  3. Ask for your contractors V.A.T number
  4. Provide your LPT property ID to us.


It will then be the responsibility of the Contractor to upload details of the work and payments within 21 days of the transaction. We administer this work for you on your behalf weekly. You are then entitled to claim your relief over a two year period starting one year after the work has been completed.

We welcome this incentive,  this should now help to weed out rogue traders operating under the radar of the Revenue and leave legitimate companies such as Conservatory Designs at a much more competitive standing.  If there are any questions in the meantime please feel free to contact the office on 045 844002.