Five great tips if planning to add a veranda to your home.

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Five great tips if planning to add a veranda to your home.

With the emphasis now on entertaining at home, glass roof verandas have become extremely popular in Ireland in 2021. If you are considering adding an outdoor space to your home then consider these five tips for getting the very best out of your Veranda design.

1. Consult with your veranda contractor to determine how many posts will be required for supporting the roof. This will depend on a number of items, such as the strength of the roof sections used, the size of the roof and therefore the weight, and also whether the roof is glass or polycarbonate. The location of the posts is very important. If not investigated properly then you may end up with a post directly outside your kitchen window in your line of vision, or you may end up with a post right where you wanted to put your dining table and chairs again obstructing the use of the space. So, check and see if the posts can be spaced correctly, to allow maximum view to the garden, and allow you to create the dining areas with the least amount of obstruction.

2, Consider where you will drain the rainwater from your Veranda. Most verandas have a gutter and the range of Verandas supplied by Brightspace have gutters concealed within the roof section, which makes for a very nice appearance. However, the gutters must be drained and it is vital that correct drainage is designed so that you don’t end up with pools of water appearing on your patio or on your lawn just outside your paving area.
Brightspace verandas incorporate the gutter downpipes within the upright posts these can be drained out above ground to a water butt or above ground to an existing gully drain or, if there’s underground drainage we can bring these pipes under ground so they are completely invisible, but ensures that all water is drained away from from the area.

3. How will I heat my veranda. It’s important not to use gas fired patio heaters under a Veranda. These create exceptionally hot air, which may cause damage to polycarbonate, or may cause the glass to crack. We advise using infrared electric heating, which is fixed to the wall of the house, and is pointed away from the roof downwards. This will create comfortable background heating, while ensuring no damage is caused to your veranda.

4. What color is best? Brightspace Verandas departures are available in white, black, silver grey, or anthracite grey. We recommend the darker colors as they’re easier to maintain. While the white may create a brighter space, marks from insects, kids play, etc. may leave the unit difficult to maintain and keep clean.

5. Make sure your Veranda is correctly anchored. Verandas should never be fixed directly to decking or patios
as these might not provide adequate support A Veranda is subject to two forms of force, both downwards, with weight from snow in wintertime etc and upward lift from gusting winds. We recommend to always install concrete pads under the posts, the posts are then bolted down to these concrete pads. While this may require decks or patios to be lifted, It is essential that your veranda is correctly anchored to maintain a trouble free life. If you need any further information on your veranda or wish to obtain quotations or technical information, please contact the veranda team at on 01 5311279.