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Do I need Planning Permission for a conservatory in Ireland

I have listed the planning rules for conservatories in Ireland in an earlier blog, and I also have a comprehensive section in our down-loadable buyers guide however there still can be some confusion as how to apply the rules. Here are three recent instances where clients thought they did not require planning permission but actually did;

1. In Ireland planning permission is required for conservatories to the rear of the dwelling if, by adding it, the original footprint of the house has been increased by more than 40sqm. My client thought that because they had applied and received planning permission for a previous extension that this would not be included in the 40sqm. All additions with or without planning permission are included in the calculation.

2. Planning permission is required for a conservatory of any size positioned to the side of a dwelling. My client thought that there was an arguable point as to what was the side of the house and the rear of the house, I sought help on this one and was advised that the front of a house faces the main road, and the side of the house naturally is at right angles to the front. The position of the main door of the dwelling does not determine which elevation is regarded as the front.

3. Lastly a client advised me that planning permission for a conservatory was not required to the side of a dwelling as it was not a permanent structure. This is completely untrue, a conservatory is a permanent structure and under the planning laws in Ireland, planning is required to the side and front of a dwelling.

I hope this helps to clarify the current regulations and please remember 9/10 conservatories do not require planning permission as they are to the rear and are within the permitted size.

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your article. I have a small square conservatory on the rear corner of the house and was considering extending it out a couple of metres to the side (so that it sticks out beyond the side wall though not attached to it) – I presume this needs planning permission?


  2. Niall Downey
    Niall Downey says:

    Hi Paul,

    I am currently buying a house and an issue has arisen around whether or not the extension that was built over 10 years ago requires planning permisson. The main issue surrounds the fact that about one and a half foot of the extensions juts out past the back of the house. Would this need planning permission?


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