Sunrooms Dublin How To Design The Most Effective Sunrooms

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Sunrooms Dublin How To Design The Most Effective Sunrooms

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Did you know the most common mistake made when building a Sunroom is not taking the loss of light to the main house into consideration? Did you know there is a difference between direct light and indirect light in your home?

Conservatory Designs specialise in constructing successful Sunroom designs which try to maximise the amount of sunlight into your home.

Sunrooms have a traditional slate and tile roof, which as you would expect, blocks a considerable amount of light from the room over which you build the sunroom. While the sunroom may be bright and airy, you may be left in a situation where you have to have the lights on in the internal room on a daily basis.

So what are the key elements to ensuring that you will maximise the light to the house

  1. Construct the Sunroom with as highest possible an eave height possible, this will maximise the amount of direct sunlight to the internal room, and as the days get darker it ensures more light for longer.
  2. Plaster and paint the ceiling rather than sheeting in timber. Timber sheeting which may appear as a cosy alternative is also a much darker option. Plastering the ceiling and painting white reflects a lot of light back into the house
  3. Consider a Pavilion front to the Sunroom. A Pavilion front is basically a glass gable in the front of the sunroom instead of sloping the roof down at the front. It is more expensive option but will allow more light into the house.
  4. Consider widening internal windows in the house or converting to doors to allow more light penetrate into the internal rooms. Also be careful with the interior design, you should consider using bright colours which will also reflect light back into the house from the sunroom.


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Before deciding on a sunroom remember your internal rooms will be darker, if this is an important factor then perhaps consider an energy efficient conservatory as an alternative. Also bear in the mind that all of the above suggestions cost more and may not be offered as a standard specification, at Conservatory Designs Ltd, we only offer the specification which ensures the best outcome for the client so remember no two quotations are alike though they may appear similar.