Creating a new Dining Room – Conservatory or Sunroom

Creating a new Dining Room – Conservatory or Sunroom

Conservatories and Sunrooms offer very different propositions if thinking of adding a new dining room to your home. Both can very very successful if carefully designed and planned. First things first, what is the difference? A conservatory dining room will offer fantastic light and heat and an al fresco” atmosphere during most months of the year.

A key benefit most of clients comment on is the ability to enjoy the garden all year around. Having lunch on a sunny february day in Ireland while admiring the garden certainly beats sitting inside the kitchen with the lights on. The main benefit of adding the dining room in a conservatory is the creation of a new living space with maximum daylight. The downside of the dining room conservatory is that it lacks cosiness in winter at night time. Few people realise that a glass ceiling is actually black at night time, still lovely on a summer’s evening but it will lack the warmth your home will offer on a rainy winters evening.

If you prefer a dining room that can be enjoyed in any weather all year around then best to consider adding a sunroom. A sunroom has a solid ceiling with roof windows, and will offer the same or increased insulation as your home. However it will lack the sunshine and warmth that a glass roof can offer during the daytime. If confused then I don’t blame you! Our advice is simple, if you have adequate space in your home and just want to enjoy your garden and the sunshine while dining then best to build your new dining room in a conservatory, if on the other hand you are stuck for dining space and need extra room usable all year around then build your new dining room in a sunroom.

We hope this advice helps, if you like a brochure with photos of dining rooms created by the Brightspace team then download here.

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