Conservatory Ideas

Conservatory Ideas

The Conservatory concept is constantly evolving with time and Conservatory Designs have constantly launched innovative products improving the designs, and insulation of the rooms while still maintaining the traditional conservatory appearance. Here are some of the key improvements we have brought to the market in recent years.

Introduction of Orangery Pelmets and Pillars

While the traditional Orangery was constructed with a flat roof and atrium concept to the centre we have developed a hybrid design which brings many of these decorative features to the normal conservatory without the large increases in cost. The internal pelmets create a more roomy feel and allow for the installation of mood lighting around the perimeter of the roof. It also reduces the amount of glass exposed in the roof which can be an advantage for rooms where privacy etc is important. The pillars give the conservatory a more solid feel and is more suited to those who maybe prefer a traditional extension but are worried about losing light. The photos below show a recent installation between two buildings with pelmets and lighting.

Introduction of Self Cleaning glass roofs

We now offer this as a standard product not something that is offered as an extra. The glass while not spotless remains clean throughout the year. Our experience in the showroom has been that a hose down twice a year keeps everything looking good.

Introduction of colours for conservatories

This year we have added further to our colour range with the construction of a new free standing conservatory at our showroom. Coloured frame conservatories now account for 25% of our turnover so colours are here to stay.

Incorporating the conservatory into the home

With the increase in the insulation values of the conservatories, they are now a usable room all year around, we are now including more practical uses in our design such as incorporating kitchen units, utility presses etc into the room.

Conservatory Designs continue to innovate and create new and exciting rooms and home extensions, please contact us to find out more.