Conservatories For Ireland’s Climate

Conservatories For Ireland’s Climate

The climate in Ireland has certainly brought some changes for 2010, an exceptionally cold winter and an exceptionally warm and sunny spring and summer. So how does this impact on your choice of Conservatory going forward?

The two key things to consider is whether it will be warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the summer months. At Conservatory Designs, we have both issues well covered. Our energy efficient glazing ensures that the conservatory is easy to heat in the cold months, while our range of 35mm Opal poly carbonate and solar controlled tinted glass keeps the Conservatories cool on the hot days. We also ensure that there are adequate window openings to ensure a cool breeze during the summer months.

Pavilion Conservatory - Conservatory Designs

Our showrooms open at Johnstown Garden Center proves our products perform in all weathers, our conservatories are open seven days a week all year around, so you can test them yourself, and they are at the same comfortable temperature 12 months a year.

Our main office and repletion area is in one of the conservatories and provides a very pleasant working environment, so for anyone thinking of working from home, it is worth paying the center a visit.