Building A Sunroom, Some things to consider

Building A Sunroom, Some things to consider

Building a Sunroom? here are some of the things you should know before starting.

We all like to be educated before we make an important buying decisions, I notice at our showrooms that clients can often come in to buy what they don’t actually need. So here are the key things to consider and understand before buying a sunroom.

A sunroom is basically a Conservatory with a solid roof of slate or tile and often some opening roof windows such as Velux or Fakro. While it may look very like a conservatory the sunroom is actually a completely different concept. Sunrooms are really house extensions, they will perform like any other room in the house and are easy to heat once built to modern building regulations. A conservatory is a glass room which benefits from tons of natural light and heat.

As I write this quick note (9th December 2013)

I am sitting in a conservatory basking in sunshine with a room temperature of 24c, not bad for a winters day. So which is the better option, a sunroom or a conservatory. The short answer is, it depends on how you intend to use the room and more importantly how it will affect your existing living space. A well designed and built conservatory will not block any light from your home and allow you to extend the living space without compromising your existing living space, a sunroom however will in most cases involve a compromise. You gain extra space but you will lose some light, and don’t let any slick sales person tell you any different.

The second most crucial thing to consider is whether you intend to use the new room at night time in the winter. Sunrooms will perform like any other room in your house and because they have a natural ceiling are equally pleasant to use at night or during the day. A conservatory is more pleasant to use during the day when you can literally sunbathe on a winters December day however may not be as comfortable to sit in on a frosty winters night during a hail shower. So my advice is as follows. For those who have enough room in their house but want extra light, sun and heat then a conservatory is the best option, no loss of light to the inside rooms and beautiful sunny days admiring your garden even in December. For those who are stuck for extra space with growing families and require this space every day and night then choose a sunroom, but choose wisely, employ an expert and have a design created that will limit the impact on your existing rooms.

At Brightspace Sunrooms we can offer both options and are not bias, we are happy to build either once our clients are happy at the end. For further information just phone our design office at 045 844002