5 Top Tips for Building A Sunroom

5 Top Tips for Building A Sunroom

5 top tips for building a Sunroom

Building a sunroom is a great way to extend your home or to add an extra amenity to your garden. Sunrooms are great for making the most out of the heat we get here in Ireland and can create a nice warm garden refuge when you want to get out of the house. Before deciding to build a sunroom there a few very important things that you should consider so that the building process is a smooth as possible.

Here are the top five tips to consider when building a sunroom.

  1. Make sure that the room inside will not be too dark once your new roof has been added. There are ways of making the inner room brighter such as creating a larger opening from the house using a RSJ.
  2. Consider building  a Pavilion front to the Sunroom. This design allows a glass front to the Sunroom which extends to the apex of the roof. This sunroom design will channel light back into your home.
  3. Make use of the available height at your home, the higher ceiling the more the feeling of space within the room. We advise letting the roof up to the bottom of the upstairs window
  4. Put in as many roof lights as possible, your new Sunroom will block the natural light to your home, roof lights will help brighten up the interior.
  5. Be careful with the  boundary line at your neighbour, Sunrooms have the traditional fascia board, soffit and gutter like your house, you need to allow for these not to overhang into neighbouring property when setting out the room dimensions.

For more information and tips for building a Sunroom contact the Brightspace  team at 045 844002