The Best Conservatory for a Semi Detached Home


The Best Conservatory for a Semi Detached Home

Over the years clients have asked me what is the best size and design of conservatory for a semi-detached home. Whilst every conservatory and home is different the size we would recommend is 12’ x 14’ (10’ x 13’) internal which is a comfortable size for a family and leaves room in the garden for a patio to complete the home.

We have found that by placing the doors on the angle as you can see in the photos below we can achieve a beautiful design effect which you cannot achieve with a square Edwardian conservatory. As you can see from the photo furnishing this room is easy as you have 3 walls to furnish and ideal for a semi detached home.

By using a glass roof the inner room will stay bright unlike a room covered by an extension or sunroom which makes summer evenings which sunshine beaming in something really special. A glass roof is also great for moderating the heat in the room.

The conservatory in the photos is white but there are a number of other colours to choose from like light oak, cream, grey, black and green and examples of each of these can be seen at our conservatory showrooms which are open 7 days a week.

In the conservatory example here we knocked out the window and wall and fitted white uPVC French doors and sand side screens to open into the new conservatory.

Some of the other advantages of this type of conservatory for a semi detached home is that the 14’ long sidewall is built inside your property and so it won’t interfere with your neighbor. Also, when you get a landscaper a patio can be added using the angle of the doors to create a nice feature which really helps bring the outside in and opens up your garden for more use, again ideal for summer sun.

We are the leading conservatory design company in Ireland and are committed to building something special for all our clients – let us build the best conservatory for your home. For more information please, get in touch!