Adding a TV Room to your home

Case Study - TV Room

Adding a TV Room to your home

Thinking of adding a new TV ROOM to your home, here are the important things you may not have thought of:

  1. Adding any extension involves careful consideration on how the natural light to the inside rooms will be affected. The most common solution is to add sufficient roof windows to the ceiling of the TV room to allow the sunshine back into the inner rooms. However take you time when considering where to place these, the direct sunlight coming in through the roof windows may cause a glare on your TV screen so plan out the room and make sure you have an area for your TV which can be protected from direct sunshine. If you are using a conservatory for your TV room then make sure that the back of the television faces the sun, then the screen will be easier to watch on a sunny day.
  2. Consider whether you should have doors from the house to the TV room. The common trend when planning a new extension of sunroom is to go open plan, great for that feeling of extra space but not great if the sound of the Love Island or Spongebob is going to drive you mad, if unsure then maybe consider doors that will fold back on the house wall to create an open plan and then can be closed over when the soccer match or soaps starts to keep everyone happy.
  3. Plan new furniture layout carefully in your new Sunroom. Remember you can’t have a couch where you have doors going to the garden, and you want your couch facing the TV, so first carefully select where the exit doors will be, then where will this allow the placing of couch and armchairs then finally the TV. this is important so that the cables can be installed in the correct place and then hidden during the plastering stage, no one wants tv cables along the floor of a new room.

If you are planning on adding a new TV room then visit our showrooms at Johnstown Garden Centre and talk to our design team 7 days a week.

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